Thursday, 3 January 2019

Call for Artists for Cowichan Estuary show - "Estuaries - Cradle of Life"

The Cowichan Valley Public Art Gallery and The Cowichan Estuary Restoration and Conservation Association (CERCA) invite artists from the Victoria Sketch Club to submit art affiliated with the Cowichan Estuary for our show in March 2019. We are aware of your annual open air painting events in Cowichan Bay and hope to be able to exhibit some of the work from your Club members in our show.

Theme: “Estuaries- Cradle of Life”
Where: The Arbutus Gallery in the Island Savings Center in the Cowichan Valley, Duncan, 
Vancouver Island, B.C.
When: Deadline for submission of proposals or specific work is the 15th of January, 2019. The show will be from March 1st to March 25th, 2019
What: 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional

Please submit 2-4 images of past or recent work related to any aspect of the Cowichan Estuary, a CV and artist’s statement.
An honorarium will be given to contributing artists. Innovative work

Please submit proposals to or mail to 1069 Khenipsen Road, Duncan B.C., V9L 5L3
If you have any questions or inquiries please contact Goetz Schuerholz at the above email address or phone 250-748-4878.

Themes to be addressed by the show:           

a) ecological importance of estuaries ( e.g. biological diversity; adaptation to salinity byflora and fauna; salmon cycles; eelgrass; food chains; carbon sink; erosion buffer; water purifier,etc.)
b) goods and services, (e.g. clean water; carbon sequestration; shellfish and other edibles; recreational opportunities such as fishing, clam digging, bird watching and wildlife viewing; water-related sports, etc.)
c) socio-cultural-spiritual value (e.g. providing livelihood to First Nations, diverse food source and building materials, basket weaving, etc.; spiritualment; scenic beauty; etc.)
d) economic importance (e.g. 80% of edible salt water fish and shellfish -globally- depend on estuaries at least at one point of their biological cycle; in the past major role for water-related transport; commercial tourism and commercialized recreational opportunities; etc.)
e)  Threats to ecological integrity of estuaries (e.g. conversion of salt marshes for agriculture and pasture management; log-boom storage and transport; grounding out log booms, destruction of eelgrass, biofilm disturbance, upstream pollution, non-compatible industry; in-filling; etc.)

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