Saturday 9 February 2019

Feb 12 - Exploring Patterns

Feb 12th. VSC members will be exploring Patterns.  From the macro to the micro, patterns are everywhere- in nature and in our everyday surroundings -dots, stripes, checks, bricks, etc. Florals, fruits, geometric shapes are just a few among the many sources from which patterns have been derived. Cultures the world over have used patterns decoratively or to convey ideas.  
Artists such as Klimt, Matisse, Van Gogh, Warhol, Lichtenstein used patterning extensively in their work. Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes explains how she uses floral motifs to create her patterned work, see attachment below.(courtesy MOMA)

Bring an item from home that inspires you. It could be colourful patterned scarf or fabric or some other object, natural or artificial.
The possibilities are endless.  Interpret in your medium of choice.

Incorporate fabrics and objects or floral and fruit with a backdrop of a patterned fabric.
Patterns do not have to be flat, patterns can have rhythm. Explore how patterns can be fluid and change shape as fabric folds and recede from the viewer.
    OR focus just on designing a pattern from one item eg. a leaf
    OR explore the pattern on a pineapple or a many petalled flower.

Some reading and images for inspiration

Japanese pattern artist Yayoi Kusama :