Saturday 1 June 2024

Members Profile Series - Nirmala Greenwell

Born and raised in Trinidad, West Indies, Nirmala taught high school art for 2 years before emigrating to Canada where she studied Indian, Chinese and Japanese art, history of art, design fundamentals, techniques of the old masters among others at UBC. Instructors Tony Onley and BC Binning were among many of her influential teachers.
Nirmala married beloved husband Jack and settled on Vancouver island where she taught high school art, and worked briefly for the Ministry of Education. She has sketched for as long as she can remember on what-ever-material was at hand, often painted with watercolours or oils. Eventually, she settled on painting with acrylics.
After raising 4 sons, Nirmala devoted more time to art while Jack built frames and provided musical accompaniment when travelling to painting locations.
Her work covers a wide range of subject matter, evocative of time and place, and she’s remained close to her tropical roots, infusing as much light as possible into her work. Nirmala especially enjoys the immediacy and spontaneity offered by plein air painting.  

She’s also painted many portrait commissions, and continues to derive inspiration from art museums around the world.
Nirmala has won many awards, including Best Canvas in Show in Sidney, Juror’s Choice and Honourable Mentions in other juried exhibitions. She has participated in numerous shows, and was the most recently featured artist in residence at Victoria’s Union Club. Her paintings are in private collections nationally and internationally.
Nirmala joined the Victoria Sketch Club in 2008, and enjoys the camaraderie of fellow artists as well as weekly opportunities to hone life-drawing skills.

She has served as assistant and program director for the VSC for nine years.
To see more of Nirmala's work, check out her website at
Instagram ArtbyNirmala

President's Note

 Greetings Everyone!

As your new President, I’m really looking forward to working with you over the next year as we, together, continue to support and nurture this creative and vibrant organization. 

There are a couple of projects I hope to initiate this year including a team to re-visit the Archives Project, started a few years ago. John Lover has been very instrumental in capturing the biographies of earlier members, as well as some important Club milestones. Given that this is the oldest art Club in Western Canada (1909), with well known past members such as Emily Carr and Ted Harrison, it is important to document and preserve this rich history and eventually file these documents with the Provincial Archives for posterity. 

Another project for a team to address is the VSC Website, asking if it is currently meeting the Club’s needs and what should it look like going forward. 

As you know, the expectation is that members participate so please let me, or any member of the EC, know how you would like to get involved. 

Hopefully the weather will improve, over the next few weeks. and we can paint at the various venues, set up by Rand, and capture the beautiful landscapes available to us in the surrounding areas.  See you there!

Again, I look forward to working with and supporting you as we create great art and good friendships. 
Happy Painting!