Tuesday 4 February 2020

Member pages update call out

Notice to all members:  On our webpage ( www.victoriasketchclub.ca ) you can find the members’ information by clicking on “Members” in the “More Information” box on the right middle. Please check to update your page or to start a webpage if you do not have one now. Please include your photograph and a bio and some examples of your art work. No personal information such as your telephone number or your email address is permitted on the VSC website. The VSC secretary is the Club’s only contact and her email is generic. You may also add another link to your own website , if you have one, with personal information.

Please help us ensure that the webpage is an updated and complete representation of all our members. Please send your updated material to victoriasketchclub@gmail.com to be uploaded to our website. Visitors to the webpage will likely be interested in viewing the member artists and their work, including some who have seen our poster and are considering attending the show. Give them a glimpse of what to expect when they attend the Show.