Notable Past Members

During the Victoria Sketch Club's lifetime of more than 100 years the club has enjoyed the membership of many notable members.

Some of them are listed below, with links to their biographies; more may be added in due course, as well as portraits and examples of their work where available.

Thomas Bamford
Charles Barker
Donald Cameron
Emily Carr
Arthur Checkley
Rev Robert Connell
Josephine Crease
Lady Sarah Crease
Thomas Fripp
Susan Gibson
Thomas Gore
Martha Harris
Ted Harrison
Edythe Hembroff
Isabel Hobbs
Margaret Kitto
John Kyle
Maude Lettice
Samuel Maclure
Max Maynard
William Menelaws
Gertrude Snider
Jack Shadbolt
Ina Uhthoff
Rose Willis

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  1. looking for information on berna parks also known as mrs. e.d. parks who was a member in the 50s. have an original painting signed berna parks, 1958, but cant find any other work by her. thank you