Anne Bowen

Born in England, I grew up in BC with the mountains, ocean and forests nurturing a curiosity and love for the natural world.  Having traveled extensively, many memories, impressions and images inspire my work.  I paint for the sheer joy of transporting myself into a landscape, observing the complex patterns of nature of the meditative qualities of a still life.  My painting style is constantly evolving; whether painting representatively or interpretatively I am constantly striving for a meaningful connection with the subject.

Spontaneity as well as careful and considered work, creates the dynamic and contemporary qualities in my paintings.  Both watercolour effects and textural possibilities allow for unlimited explorations of interpretation.  Starting with the classical under-painting and building with many transparent layers; I use a vibrant palette, strong compositions, and subtle value shifts to create a compelling painting.  I am honoured to have some of my award winning work held in collections throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

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