Maureen Ness

Maureen grew up in Victoria, British Columbia and has spent most of her life developing her interest in art. She began painting at the age of eight years old. 

Maureen Ness explores both realism and expressionistic approaches to her paintings. Her work reveals her fascination with colour, contrast, and nature. The vivid contrasts and well-cast imagination are blended with and up close view which creates a scene of dreamy glazing. Her work captures the varied moods of the coastal area and way of life with a unique perspective. She has been fortunate to study painting over the past sixty years with expert painters both locally, nationally and in France. 

Her passion is to explore, paint and present the ocean waves and shore to other people. An environmentalist at heart, Maureen hopes our shores are going to be pristine forever. Her work is how she expresses these sites using photography, plein- aire (onsite) and painting these photos in her studio. 

Maureen is a seasoned artist who specializes in creating all different sizes of oil paintings from photographs of the Pacific coastal locations on western Vancouver Island. Being prolific she has a good level of stock of her work for sale. 

Maureen has sold her paintings to collectors all over the world for several years and continues to do so.

Professional Associations: 
Victoria Sketch Club (Founded by EmilyCarr) 
Canadian Federation of Artists Academic 

Education:  MBA

Phone: 250.413.7584 

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