Susan Gibson

Susan Gibson
1894 - 1984

Ella Susan Gibson was born in Collingborne, Wiltshire, England, and immigrated to Canada at an early age.

A gifted artist, she joined the Island Arts and Crafts Society, and was a frequent contributor to its annual exhibitions from 1925 to 1938.

In the Society’s collection shown at the Willows Fair exhibition in 1927, her watercolour technique was recognized for its fine movement and tonal gradations.  That same year, art critic Francis Holland found her work at the Society’s annual exhibition to show tendencies towards the impressionist school.  

In 1954 she joined what was now the Victoria Sketch Club, and again became a regular contributor to the Club’s annual shows. Elected President in 1959, she presided over the events of that year which were organized to celebrate the Club’s fiftieth anniversary.

Susan Gibson was made a life member of the Victoria Sketch Club in 1979, and died in Victoria in 1984.

Victoria Harbour, AGGV 00546

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