Monday 16 March 2020

Ongoing News from VSC Executive regarding club activities this spring

Good afternoon. Some Membership news from VSC President and Executive. Please check your email for the full full communique.
*The 2020 Spring Programme is cancelled as are activities at the Windsor Pavilion.
*Work has begun on the Plein Air programme which is tentatively scheduled for a May start pending the current COVID-19 situation.
*The AGM will be held on-line. Details are pending.
*If you are doing anything interesting with your time (gardening, preparing for an upcoming show, funny stories), please send them to for the upcoming newsletter.
We all know that our Club is a focus of much of our social activity as well as a forum for our art work. However, we are in an unforeseen public health situation that is forcing us to take these actions. Actions that will disrupt our Club as well as our lives but given the circumstances prudence must over rule practice. Do take care personally and take whatever steps necessary to protect yourselves. Rest assure we will keep you posted on the activities we have initiated and in return please do not hesitate to contact us at

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