Wednesday 31 January 2024

Note from VSC President


Note from VSC President
We are a very active and creative art club! With our annual Art Show less than two months away, I’m sure we are all sorting out our approach; painting that particular painting and of course, thinking about how we can help out, as our Show runs on the amazing contributions you all make to make it a stellar show.

In these days leading up to that time, there are moments when we are gathered together, working diligently, and there is utter quiet as we sink into our creative works. It’s a magical time as we collectively understand where each of us is at, given our shared passion as artists.

This is your newsletter and newsletters aren’t all about words. Often, photos grab one’s interest and imagination and keep us interested. With that in mind, I encourage you to take photos of your workspace, your beautifully messy palette, your work in progress. We can develop a bit of a library to tell the story of who we are. Send your photos to Amy ( and we’ll create a file as fodder for further newsletters and communications.

Yours truly,

Gillian Rhodes

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